Avoiding Legal Pitfalls with a Competent Child Support Attorney

When parents get a divorce, they may disagree over issues such as child support payments. These payments are meant to help with the cost of children’s basic needs, including food, clothing and shelter. They also cover extracurricular activities, such as sports teams or music lessons.

A Child Support Attorney in Orlando, FL can help with determining an appropriate amount. Florida laws set guidelines for child support, but judges often use their discretion to determine a fair amount. If a parent fails to pay, the Department of Revenue can enforce a debt by garnishing their wages and taking other steps. A good Orlando child support lawyer can help a client avoid or address these issues.

The Llabona Law Group assists clients with child support and other family-related matters. The firm helps couples find resolutions outside of court when possible and works to ensure that children’s well-being is the top priority in a divorce case. Its attorneys have a combined 35 years of experience in the field, and the founder is a member of the Hispanic Bar Association of Central Florida.

If a parent in Orlando does not pay their child support, they can face civil penalties and criminal charges. Moreover, they can be required to attend counseling and job training programs to improve their financial standing and prevent future failures to meet their obligations. A seasoned Orlando child support attorney can help an individual get back on track by establishing a reasonable payment plan.

Davis and Associates Divorce Law Firm helps individuals in Orlando and other nearby areas resolve their child support cases. The practice focuses on collaborative, contested, and uncontested divorce proceedings and also handles alimony and property division cases. Its attorneys have more than two decades of experience in this field, and they help non-traditional couples and those with complicated incomes.

Wade P. Luther, PA, is a child custody and family law practitioner serving the Greater Orlando area. His firm helps separating couples reach arrangements that prioritize their children’s best interests. Its lawyers review each client’s circumstances during one-on-one consultations and determine the proper amounts of support to be paid. They assist a range of family-related matters, including adoption, domestic violence, and property division.

A Women’s Family Law Firm helps people with child support and other family law matters in the state of Florida. The firm offers mediation services to help parents work out agreements in accordance with their shared responsibilities for raising their children. Its attorneys can help with domestic violence claims, and they handle divorce cases, including high-conflict and same-sex cases.

A lead counsel is an attorney that has been independently verified to provide exceptional legal representation for their clients in a specific field of the law. This verification includes a background check and disciplinary history. It also requires that the firm meet stringent ethical standards and demonstrate that it is a leader in its practice area. Contact the firm to schedule a consultation with an experienced Child Support Attorney in Orlando.

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